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 Safety Testing Related Product Manufacturers 
 Diversified Technical Systems, Inc. - Data Aquisition and Instrumentation Systems
 Endevco - Accelerometers
 Kistler - Data Aquisition & Electronic Instrumentation
 M.I.R.A. - Vehicle Development & Validation Center
 NAC Incorporated - Advanced Imaging & Motion Analysis
 Sensor Products, Inc. - Pressure Indicating Films and Software
 Humanetics - ATD's, Instrumentation, Calibration Services
 Professional Organizations 
 Society of Automotive Engineers - All aspects of Automotive Engineering and Safety
 United States Department of Transportation - United States Department of Transportation Homepage
 Department of Transportation Docket Management System - Database of all DOT docketed information
 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Homepage
 United States Federal Register Online  - Safety testing rules and regulations
 United States Government Bureau of Transportation - US Department of Transportation service, statistics & Links to other sites.
 Product Recall - Information about dangerous products and recalls that affect consumers worldwide
 Safety Research 
 INRETS - the French National  - French Transportation and Safety Institute on Transport and Safety research center
 French Transportation and Safety Institute on Transport and Safety research center  - Crash safety research institution
 Medical College of Wisconsin Biophysics Research Institute  - Biophysics research
 Pennsylvania Transportation Institute - Homepage to the Vehicle Systems and Safety Program of the Transportation Institute
 TRL Limited - Transportation research
 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute - Virginia Tech's university research center
 Wayne State University Bioengineering Center - Impact Trauma Research
 Service Providers 
 Calspan - Independent Engineering, Research and Testing Services for Aerospace and Automotive.
 Exponent - Accident analysis and prevention
 National Institute for Aviation Research - Facilities fot research and the testing of aircraft and non-aviation components under simulated crash conditions
 TNO Road-Vehicles Research Institute - Wide range of contract research & development
 Transportation Research Center, Inc.  - Vehicular testing for R&D and Certification

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