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Yellow Jacket LED Lighting Systems 
YJ1 High G Rated LED
YJ1 High G Rated LED

The YJ1 was designed for those hard to reach locations.  Can be used on-board or off-board.    Produces flicker free, super bright, no heat, easy to mount,   click on the links to check out out the datasheet and part descriptions.

YJ5X Multi-head Lab LED Lighting System
YJ5X Multi-head Lab LED Lighting System

The New YJ5X is a scaleable system used for laboratory applications.  Each system consisits of a controller available in 1, 3, and 5 channel configurations,  power-supply, and the appropriate number of light heads.  Controller lets you adjust number of channels to activate and a master digital dim control.   These lights each carry a 12,000 lumen LED producing a massive amount of light and no heat on your subject.  Click here for the latest data sheet

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