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Lighting Solutions 

Tungsten Standard and High Density Lighting arrays are available to illuminate your high-speed application.  At a fraction of the cost of HMI systems- these light banks are a great value.  Why spend all the budget on HMI lighting? With todays new video imaging technology these 3200 Deg K tungsten lamps will give you top-shelf image quality.  Instant on- instant off-  No waiting around for your HMI lights to warm-up. 

Custom configurations available-  send us your specs by filling out the lighting information request form below and we will get back to you with a custom designed lighting solution that meets your needs. Take the savings and spend it on something you really need- like another high-speed imager-or instrumentation- dont waste your money on lumens! 


GTES lighting systems are a low-cost, easily serviced, and easily installed alternative to expensive, over-rated lighting systems.  Standard PAR 64, 1000W bulbs are easy to replace if needed and can be purchased locally.

Lighting systems can be used with GTES DC Drive Units (DCDU) which allows many lights to run from simple low voltage connections.  This alternative could save many thousands of dollars in utility costs per year.  DCDU's can be used where bad power quality, low voltage, or other power concerns might limit your testing effort.

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